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athenafit ambassador program

athenafit strives to be apart of our local community. In order to do so, we have created an athenafit ambassadors program. To reach our overall goal of spreading awareness of our studios, we must first identify students who would be a good representation of the brand. Students must also be heavily involved and respected in student groups at universities surrounding our three locations.


-Tweet, Instagram, Facebook athenafit announcements (specials, contests, etc) several times a week. Tag @athenafit in each post. 

-Post information about athenafit in your organizations personal Facebook page, we will provide information.

-Be the “word of mouth” to your designated student organization

-Hand out fliers during events (like if we were to have a drill field booth)

-Attend at least one athenafit barre class a week (try to bring a friend to you to each one!) 


-Free barre classes for a month. 

-Anytime a new client comes to a class and references you, you will be credited with one free class. (For example, if 5 clients reference you, you will have 5 classes waiting for you once the free month expires)  

-If a client references you and then signs up for a package you will be credited with a free week of classes. 

-Free athenafit t shirt

-Add local business ambassador to your resume 

If you are interested, please send your resume to as well as a completed application form that can be found below.  If the application will not download, please answer each question specifically in your email.