athenafit barre studio

Our Ridgeland location has baby@thebarre classes which are designed for a new mom plus baby 6 weeks old to crawl.  No walkers please. Pregnant moms can also attend this class to bond with other new moms and have added work-arounds for baby bellies. baby@thebarre is a 45 minute class strictly for moms+small babies AND pregnant mommies only. For your baby, bring a blanket, a front or back carrier (mandatory), and a car seat carrier.  You will hold baby through thigh and seat standing exercise, and then we lie on the mat with baby (or tuck baby into the carrier) for floor work and abs. Slings are not recommended. The baby@thebarre is designed to be relaxed, allowing babies to be babies. Fussy babies are expected, but soon they get the gist of it and enjoy the workout as much as mom.  

All regular barre classes are great for pregnancy and are safe for your baby. Our classes focus on muscles that help throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery plus post-pregnancy to aid in decreasing inches and core strength recovery. We make two modifications so please let us know if you are expecting. Many of our instructors are also mothers and would love to help you in any way they possibly can. However, you should always have your doctor ok any workout program you choose to pursue. 




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