athenafit barre studio

Bell, Instructor

Bell is from Starkville, MS.  As one of our youngest instructors, she brings a ton of energy to a class.  Her major is in Kinesology at MSU and she embraces how athenafit barre exercise protects the joints and aligns the body for good muscle patterns and execution.  She loves the small movements that work muscles you may have not worked in years. 

Bell is hooked on barre, often carving out time in her busy school day for the 6 am classes.  She adores the energy athenafit brings to exercise and recognizes that dance is not a requirement for her clients.  When she was itty bitty, ballet presented a challenge with what she calls her "itchy tutu", thereby dropping the entire ballerina notion.  Now she can have her toes in fourth position or a tiny plie' in her standing leg with perfect body alignment and good fun.  

Bell is a Chi O at Mississippi State University and when she isn't teaching a barre class, she works as a Physical Therapist Intern.