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10 reasons why we [heart] athenafit barre

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Why do we love our athenafit barre classes oh so much?  Here are 10 reasons that we hear often around the studio:

1. We notice quick improvements in both the strength and flexibility of our bodies.  Our muscles sculpt like never before.  Our friends notice too, and ask us questions on how we get our barre bodies.  

2. We are challenged and encouraged by our instructors in each class to squeeze a little tighter…sink a little lower…rise a little higher on our toes.   

3. Barre is regarded as a form exercise that makes us feel beautiful and elongated, and it improves posture.   

4. The intimidation factor is low. There are all fitness levels and ages at athenafit. The workout is designed for your own pace and modifications can be made for any exercise.  

5. Barre style! Who can say they don’t enjoy the patterns, colors, styles, layering, and accessorizing of barre apparel? Logo tees are a popular trend and everyone loves an excuse to wear comfortable leggings. 

6.  The music! From the beat to the rhythm to the lyrics, music is an emotional and essential part of the barre experience. 

7. Barre is a stress free zone. We escape from the day’s hectic nature of school, work, relationships, even traffic, as the exercises let us forget our stress and enjoy ourselves.  

8. Awesome connections and genuine friendships allow barre to become both a supportive and social experience.  We are one big athenafit family.  

9.  One key mantra of athenafit is “Embrace the Shake!”  We don’t bulk the muscle.  Instead, we fatigue our muscles by getting into the tremble zone and then we stretch, making them longer and leaner.  

10.  And we can’t forget about those cool barre poses from our travels for social media!  #barrebeautiful #meetmeatthebarre #barrestrong #athenafitbarre