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Sweet Southern Bell: Instructor Spotlight

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athenafit intern McKayla sat down with fellow Starkville instructor Bell Hester and asked her a few queations about her athenafit experience… 

Q: So, originally from Starkville, you chose to stay local and attend Mississippi State?


Q: Would you consider yourself a southern belle?

A: I would like to think so.  I love being able to call Mississippi my home. 

Q: You have to be if your name is Bell! Where did you inherit your name?

A: I was named after my grandfather. His name is Bobby Ray Bell. He has all daughters so his name was not going to be passed down.He was such an amazing man that my parents wanted to keep his name alive and decided to name me after him, Bobby Bell Hester.

Q: Very sweet. You also work quite a bit throughout the Starkville area correct?

A: Yes, I actually have 3 different jobs in the area. Two to three days a week I work as a babysitter for two precious angels. Everyday of the week I work as a physical therapy tech at Drayer Physical Therapy and I absolutely love it. And of course my third job is working here as an instructor for athenafit. 

Q: How do balance those with athenafit?!

A: I use my planner a lot to plan around the different schedules. I have found that I love instructing so much and I look forward to teaching classes and all the fun that comes along with it.

Q: And with those you are also a full time student? What are you currently studying?

A: Yes! Kinesiology, I hope to either be a physical or occupational therapist. 

Q: Oh wow that’s awesome! Why have you leaned towards that career path?

A: Well, I used to dance and do gymnastics as a lot!!! However, I didn't stick with it and I got hooked on tennis! I played tennis all through high school and I still play intramural at MSU. Prompted from my time involved in athletics, I’ve always been curious as to how the body functions. So I guess it was that curiosity and my love to help people that drew me to possibly of working in either of those fields. 

Q: With such a diverse athletic history what drew you to try athenafit?

A: Sweet Mayberry (Mabry) She brought me to try a class in Ridgeland and I LOVED IT. I was so sore for days and I felt like I had really gotten an awesome workout. Then when athenafit came to Starkville my mom surprised me with a month unlimited package and I became hooked. 

Q: How has athenafit stood out to you compared to other local studios/gyms you have visited?

A: Two words: LOW INTIMIDATION. I have no clue what to do when I go to a regular gym. I get on a treadmill and act like I know what I'm doing (and I hate treadmills). I love its low impact on your joints, the expert guidance from an instructor, and awesome music. I swear Wendy, our owner, needs to be a music producer.

Q: How do you feel when you leave an athenafit barre class?

A: Like a new woman. I love that after a class, I feel like I've accomplished a good workout but I'm not completely exhausted and not stinky. I can fix my hair and wear makeup and it’s still intact for when I go to class or work!