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How to maintain your BOO-tiful body this Halloween

athenaHEALTHMcKayla DenningComment

Here are 5 helpful hints to help you keep your barre body firm this Halloween Season:

  1.  Buy candy you do not like: Purchase candy that your family or friends enjoy and that you do not! It it easier to resist candies that we are not necessarily fond of than those we crave.
  2. "Out of Sight, Out of Mind": Ask a family member to hide the trick-or-treat candy until Halloween night so you are not tempted to open the package a few days early! OR avoid buying any candy until October 31st. 
  3. Chew Gum: While most gums contain calories, the number does not even come close to the amount in a chocolate bar. It will distract both your taste buds and stomach and satisfy your sweet tooth overcoming the urge to dive into the candy jar. 
  4. Keep the Evidence: If you do decide to allow yourself a few pieces of candy, keep the wrappers! Count up just how many you eat and allow the evidence to hold you accountable. 
  5. Prepare: Lay our your daily snacks ahead of time. It is easy to grab a piece of candy to satisfy your grumbling stomach, but we must resist temptation!! Lay out a healthy snack and avoid the calories of a sweet snack! 

And if you find that you ate a few extra pieces than planned, book your barre class and carve out time just for you.  Remember one athenafit barre class can have you burning up to 500-600 calories in one class and another 100 in the afterburn.