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Breaking Bad: Our Exercise Cycles

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Do you find yourself trapped in a sedentary lifestyle: driving to and from work, sitting all day in front of a computer and all night in front of a TV, or shuffling the kids to soccer games and dance activities?  These inactive cycles are common and hard to break.  We know they aren’t good for our mental and physical health but we can’t seem to find time for ourselves.  Why is this, and how do we break free?

1.        We won’t allow ourselves to take it slowly.  It’s all or nothing these days, and we look for the magic answer without taking small steps over a period of time.   We view our new exercise regimen as one big goal, and if our results aren’t immediate, we are finding disappointment. 

Solution:  Pace yourself. As we say at athenafit - tiny movements equal big results.  Give yourself permission to make slow and steady changes and don’t expect a miracle the first day.  Keep at it and don’t give up.  You get stronger every time you workout.  Trust the process, let change happen naturally, and enjoy the journey.  Book two classes on week one and get to both of them.  Then, do it again.  Slowly build from there.  

2.       We put ourselves last.  Our natural instincts as women lead us to put the needs of family, friends, boyfriends, children, and even pets, before our own.  Once when we do put ourselves first, we often allow guilt to creep into our minds. 

 Solution:  As they say on an airplane, put your oxygen mask on first before helping your neighbor.  If we aren’t healthy and strong, it’s more difficult to help others.  Most guilt is self-destructive, so block it out.  Don’t worry…your loved ones will witness your changes and respect you in the process.  

 3.       Our routines are off balance.  Have you ever met someone who seems to have their whole act together and never misses an exercise class?  How have they created routines that allow nothing to get in their way?  This concept seems foreign to us, and we aren’t sure how to follow suit.

Solution: Create new habits.  Recognize your own personal roadblocks and change them.  Call it quits in your job 5 minutes before the end of the day and resist the urge to get just one more thing done.  It will be there when you get back.  Pack your workout clothes the night before.  Go to bed early for a change.  Reschedule your conflicting appointments.  Establish ways to make it easier to accomplish your goals until they become second nature.  

4.       Minor setbacks derail us.  Let’s face it…life can insert obstacles from time to time.  On our way to the barre studio, traffic comes to a standstill.  Our boss asks us to pull one last report before leaving for our workout class.  We have a test the next day, and we have to cram all night. 

Solution:  Learn to tell others “I love you, but I’ve got to go!”  Be sure not to martyr yourself, because, in the long run, you are only hurting you.  Study the night prior.  Keep gas in your car and snacks in your console.  If your exercise class allows it, arrive late and just say “Oh I am sorry, I need my workout!”  Book your barre class and treat it like an appointment.

 5.       We hate the exercises we think we are supposed to do.   Running on a treadmill can be boring!  Deep lunges and extreme jumping can be brutal to the back and joints.  Some gyms are smelly and intimidating.  For some reason, we believe that exercise should be painful and grueling.   And we think we should cheapen it up…we choose the least expensive way to workout. 

Solution:  Find an exercise you actually enjoy that doesn’t damage your spine and joints. These do actually exist.  Break out of the old mindset that you have to join the less expensive gym that smells like chlorine or year-old sweat.  Exercise boutiques, such as athenafit barre studio, often specialize in meeting your personal needs and enhance feelings of individuality and beauty.  You deserve to spend a little extra on yourself besides the occasional mani-pedi.  Your body deserves it.  Some boutiques are more economical than others.  Compare pricing.  And if money is an issue, watch for discounts and specials, or talk to the owner. 

 6.       We chase shiny new objects or just quit all together.  We love our exercise routine and are happy with the results.  But our friend talks us into trying something new that doesn’t turn out as planned and we are struggling to get back into the swing of things. 

Solution:  Now that you’ve found something you like, you have a new routine, and you’re saying no to others who pull on your time, don’t quit!  Stay focused and keep your faith.  Once you’re regularly active and exercising enough to see changes to your body, keep going! 

The changes that you make will pay off.   Every small decision in your exercise journey matters and every obstacle that you overcome is critical.  Praise yourself along the way and enjoy your workout!  Before you know it, you will celebrate your own success.