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Calorie Crunchers: How to Maintain your Barre Body this Fourth of July

McKayla DenningComment

The Fourth of July is coming up and we all know what that means: parades, fireworks, barbecues, and booze. Unfortunately, the later of the two are not always helpful in maintaining our barre built body. It's always hard to pass up the hamburgers, hot dogs, and refreshing beverages and that is exactly why I have compiled a list of delicious replacements that are better for your body. 

  1. Hot Dogs ---> Healthy Dogs: Chicken or turkey sausages on a gluten free bun serve as a healthy and tasty replacement. These substitutions have double the protein and lower fat content than you would find in a regular hot dog.  
  2. Potato Chips ---> Healthy Hips: Most of us love eating potato chips. Some people eat chips alongside their meal while others (me) eat a whole bag as their meal. However, the calorie count trumps the temporary tastiness. Instead of opening up the regular chip bag, try one of those Pinterest recipes you've had pinned for forever. Baked zucchini and sweet potato chips are two of my favorite substitutions!
  3. Booze ---> Barre Body : Many of us use holidays as an excuse to indulge in our favorite brew, cocktail, or even punch. However, alcohol is the one of the first things that needs to be reduced to maintain our barre body. This Fourth of July, maybe test your willpower and drink nonalcoholic beverages. One of my favorite refreshing spritzers is Fresca with a splash of cranberry juice (the red color makes it festive). 
  4. Apple Pie ---> Apple of your eye : Just do it. Let yourself eat the pie. Then come see us at athenafit the next morning and work it off. But if you want a healthy replacement just bake some apples with cinnamon and pair it with low fat vanilla greek yogurt! 
"A moment on the lips, is forever on the hips"- Khloe Kardashian