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Here comes CARDIO!

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This year the athenafit team is incorporating challenging cardio elements into our favorite barre classes! Through adding more cardio, our minds will be challenged to learn new routines, recruit both the fast and slow-twitch fibers of our muscles, and use more motor control to transition from quick paced heart pumping activities to slow controlled isometrics. What does all of this mean? Your body will be adapt to become stronger, more flexible, and less injury prone.

            Our bodies are constantly changing. It’s so amazing how we conform to the stresses placed on our bodies whether it is due to exercise, sports, illness, surgery, pregnancy, aging, poor posture at work, long car rides, or emotional demands. Every day brings some form of challenge to the human body, and the more we train ourselves to meet those physical and emotional challenges, the healthier we become. Here at athenafit, we are intentionally bringing more cardio demands to the barre so that your body is challenged in a safe, new, productive way.

            Pumping more blood to muscles, increasing oxygen uptake, building bone density, and boosting metabolism are just a few of the “good” adaptations that the cardio challenges will promote. Give yourself time and patience to learn the new movements! Have fun and know that the athena-fit team will be guiding you at the barre with the same attention to detail that we do with the isometric, ballet-inspired positions. What could be a better way to transition into 2017 than with a room full of supportive women intentionally becoming stronger physically and emotionally together?

            Have a favorite new cardio move that you learned at the barre? Email us at to let us know, and we’ll keep developing more to keep you “on your toes” (pun definitely intended)!