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Center Stage: Spotlight on Instructor Jessica

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athenafit intern sat down with instructor Jessica and asked her a few questions...

Q: What drew you to try out athenafit barre studio?

A:  My first time to take barre class was a pop-up class that athenafit started at my day job, Southern Farm Bureau. After the first class I fell in love! I had always worked out and enjoyed fitness classes but after taking barre classes and seeing results in little time, I was hooked! I love the body-changing workout that athenafit brings to the table. It really just pulls my passion for dance and fitness all together.

Q: So you have a background in dancing?

A:  Yes, dance holds a special place in my heart. I started taking dance at the age of 7 and was on a competition dance team until I graduated high school. I was also a cheerleader at Northwest Rankin from 7th-12th grade. After graduating high school, I was on the Mississippi State University Pom Squad (dance team) for all 4 years of college and was captain my senior year. Go dawgs!

Q: No way! I was also on the pom squad!! I love how barre how married the two. Transitioning from dance, what athenafit exercise do you enjoy the most?

A: My favorite exercise is any to do with thigh work. Exercises in the chair positions are great. I like working thighs the most for myself so when I see my legs start to shake it makes me happy because I know my muscles are toning! I also love stretching between exercises because it helps maintain my dancers body by up keeping long and lean muscles. 

Q: How do you feel after an athenafit workout?

A: After an athenafit barre class, I feel great! Recharged and ready-to-go. During our 50 minute classes you do not feel like you are even working out. The workout is so much fun and always different with great music so the time flies by. I always look forward to when the next class will be!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

A:  I'm guilty- I like watching The Bachelorette! I'm also a sucker for sweet and fruity candy! It's hard to turn down some skittles or starbursts. 

"Set goals at barre class and accomplish those goals."