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Client Spotlight: Heather

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Our Intern McKayla sat down with barre-ina client Heather in Starkville and talked with her about being a barre bride.

Q: Heather, congratulations on being a new bride!  When was your first barre class? 

A: Thank you!  That would be June 2016.

Q: What initially motivated you to come to athenafit?

A: To get in better shape for my wedding, which was in September.

Q: What keeps you coming back? 

A: As I felt my body begin to change, it became almost addictive. Every class I was challenged to hold my plank just a little longer or plie' just a little deeper. I didn’t want to quit after achieving what I wanted for my wedding. I wanted to keep going. I love the way I feel after a class and the fear of losing that keeps me coming back. 

Q: How often do you attend a week on average?

A: I try to come 6 days a week.

Q: How does athenafit barre differ from other workouts you have tried?  

A: First of all- convenience! The 50 minute classes are easy to squeeze in during my lunch break or before work in the morning. Second, it is the only thing I have ever done that I both enjoy and see results with my body. Every class I feel myself getting stronger. I see more definition and muscle tone than ever! On my wedding day, my friends kept commenting on how great my arms looked - which is always encouraging. 

Q: What do you love about athenafit barre?

A: I love the focus on form and protecting the body from injuries. When I know my form is correct, I know I am getting the most out of a particular exercise and I always know my body is under control. 

Q: What is your favorite barre exercise or stretch?  

A: Abs! I love the core work we do with the ball behind our low backs. It is easy for me to find and stay in the shake zone with that particular exercise. 

Q: Tell us something personal about yourself that you don't mind sharing, maybe a passion of yours?

A: Music and theatre are my passions! I serve on the Executive Board of Directors for both the Starkville Symphony Orchestra and Starkville Community Theatre. Additionally, I perform frequently with the Starkville Symphony Chorus and love being on stage at The Playhouse on Main. 

Q: It is very impressive that you met the advanced challenge for barre.  What results did you see?  Mentally/physically? Would you do it again?

A: I would absolutely do it again! I already had a personal goal of trying to attend 6 times a week but a challenge is fun because my barre friends and I have friendly competitions within the challenge. Working out is always more fun when you have friends with you and the challenge helped all of us stay encouraged! 

Q: What are your personal goals for 2017? 

A: To add more cardio and how perfect that every athenafit class is now including cardio! I also try to challenge myself to get into exercises right away and not come out of them until the last minute- I want to challenge myself to make the most of each class. 

Q: What would you like to share with other folks about exercise, athenafit, your journey, or basically anything that is special to you?

A: I have genuinely fallen in love with athenafit. The instructors are all amazing! I’ve never been a particularly active person and I was very nervous about going to my first class but Kaylee explained everything to me and made me so comfortable that I wasn’t intimidated at all! Every single instructor has been friendly, helpful, and encouraging which makes it not only easier but fun to attend barre daily! I just want to share with anyone who may be intimidated about exercise that this studio is the perfect place to be!