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Connecting Mind and Body: Spotlight on Barre Instructor Ele

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athenafit intern McKayla sat down with Jackson instructor Ele Bessonette and asked her about her sense of adventure...

Q; What is your role here at athenafit?

A: I am a senior level instructor and a program trainer!

Q: What is your favorite part of being both an instructor and a trainer?

A: As a trainer, I love seeing the excitement of new instructors. It is rewarding to train talented ladies and then to see their personal growth over time as they develop their own "class personalities".

My favorite thing about being an instructor is my relationship with the clients! It's like I get to see my extended family each week! It is rewarding to have new clients come through the front door, perhaps entering with a bit apprehensive on their first visit, and then to see them grow stronger and stronger with each class. It's awesome to see them start executing the challenges given in class, their heels get higher, their seats get lower, they pick up a heavier set of weights, and their lights shine brighter in and out of the studio. I love being a small part in their transition, I LOVE ALL OF MY BARRE-INAS!!!  

Q: I bet it is cool to see the spark in new instructors and clients! What drew you to athenafit?

A: Honestly, I saw an article online about barre classes entitled something along the lines of "The Workout Victoria Secret Models Do." I mean, who doesn't want to do the workout they are doing? I read the article and watched the tutorial that displayed a few basic barre moves. This was before athenafit had opened, and I started doing YouTube videos in my kitchen using the counter top as the barre, and quickly saw result. Shortly there after, athenafit opened but about that time I had a mountain bike accident and injured my tailbone/low back, and had to quit all workouts for a few months. After my recovery period and with my wedding quickly approaching, I wanted to step up my workout regime. It was then I decided to try an athenafit class. I bought a membership that same day and have been hooked since!

Q: You mentioned mountain biking.  Are you an outdoor activity fan?

A: Yes!  My husband and I both have a huge sense of outdoor adventure! Maintaining a balance in our relationship is so important for my husband, Steve, and I. We spend time together doing things we both enjoy, and one of our favorites is hiking sections of the Appalachian Trail! We also do things together that maybe one of us doesn't enjoy quite as much, like I'll go fishing on the boat with Steve or sit in a tree stand with him, and he'll come to date night at the barre with me! Give and take. 

Q: Being such an outdoor person, what has made you stick with an indoor barre class? 

A: It is all about the VIBES! Good energy, welcoming environment, beautiful atmosphere, and super kind genuine instructors. Barre is so challenging, but I rock it! I love that it is low impact and it didn't bother my recovering back injury when I began to take classes. I saw amazing results quickly! And IT IS FUN!!

Q: Over time, what has proven to be your favorite athenafit exercise?

A: Everything between warm up toe taps to giving myself a hug at the end. IF I had to choose, it would have to be all of our seat series, especially with a round tube thrown in there somewhere. I, like many women, carry weight in my hip and seat region. With that being said, the seat exercises are the most difficult for me, but I have never in my life been so happy with my backside! Reaping the benefits of our seat work is well worth pushing through the pinch and burn! 

Q: Besides barre, what do you spend your time doing?

A: I'm an aesthetician at Blackledge Face Center. I love to garden and also enjoy making jewelry. I also have a newly developed interest in rock climbing and rappelling. 

Q: Any guilty pleasures we should know about?

A: I ALWAYS order dessert at restaurants. I also keep a bag of Reese's cups in my freezer at all times. But I eat super clean (almost) all the time, so it balances out!