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FALLing into good habits

athenaEXERCISE, athenaHEALTHMcKayla DenningComment

COMFORT ZONE: For many people, fall is highly awaited. It is a season that brings the feeling of comfort. Gone are the long hot days of summer, and here are the days of cooler breezes and a moderately set in stone schedule. Unfortunately in setting that schedule, people cut out different aspects of their life. For many people, the first aspect on the chopping block is exercise. It is a part of the day that isn't mandatory and is easier to toss to the side. However, many people have found that decreasing time spent exercising actually increases the amount of stress felt. Exercise is a way to release toxins, bad energy, and stress, and it is crucial to our daily lives. 

SWEATER WEATHER: One of the main justifications for lack of exercise is the colder weather. Many people surrender their exercise regime knowing that they will not have to wear a bikini in the following months. It is easy to just throw on a loose sweater and call it a day. However, this mindset results in having to work extra hard when the new year rolls back around. 

So this fall, lets all FALL into good habits. Lets challenge ourselves every day and make it a priority to get to the barre to sweat out any stresses that might infringe on our comfort season. Look at your schedule each week and plan out when you can get into a class, and when that day arrives, make yourself do it! If we stay dedicated and work out as much as we can this fall, we will set the tone for the holidays, we can back away from the over-sized clothes, AND reduce our stress.