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Ok Barre-inas, Let's Get in Formation

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Good form in your barre class is key to success and often we get caught up in the moment and lose sight of the important role form plays to overall body changes.  Here are 10 tips to remember about your form when taking an athenafit barre class:

1. Always protect your spine! Whether it should remain neutral and straight or in a slight c-curve,  listen for your instructors cues on how to align your back. 

2. When an exercise requires balancing on one leg, always keep a slight bend in your base knee. It is essential to protect the bands and joints that run throughout the knee in order to live a healthy and happy life.

3. Relax your shoulders. Tense shoulders result in upper back pain and bad posture!

4. Tuck your navel to your spine. In easier terms suck in! Pressing your navel to your spine builds core strength and usually results in an extreme abdominal workout. 

5. Center your weight. Aligning your body correctly is crucial. Always adjust your weight to balance your midline. Doing so will help avoid overworking joints on the targeted side.

6. Keep your chin lifted. Posture is huge and practice makes perfect to avoid those double chins. 

7. Protect your neck. When doing certain backside-blasters or quick fire crunches, make sure the pressure is on your shoulders and not your neck. 

8. Hips hips hips. Listen for instructors cues on where to align your hips. It will help with weight distribution and works the muscles being targeted. 

9. Breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. When you feel your heart rate rising and it seems like too much, breath in through you nose and out through your mouth to steady its pace. 

10. Know your body's limits. You know how far to push and how much energy to exert. Test yourself each class but don't force your body to do things it is not capable of .