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Full Time Super Woman: Spotlight on Instructor Morgan S

athenaLIFEMcKayla DenningComment

athenafit intern McKayla sat down with instructor Morgan S and asked her a few questions...

Q: So you do a little bit of everything huh?

A: Yes! I have one child (my son) who turned two this past July. My husband and I work well as a team. He helps me balance my full time job as an accountant, barre instructor, and my favorite job of being a mother. It gets tough sometimes but we make it work. 

Q: Wow an accountant that is very impressive!

A: Yes, I graduated from Mississippi State University in 2006 with a degree in accounting. I later went back to college and took night classes, while working a full time job, to gain my Masters of Professional Accountancy. 

Q: That is very impressive. How did you get introduced to athenafit?

A: A co-worker actually invited me. I started in March 2015 as a client and have been attending 4-5 times a week ever since. But athenafit rocked my world.  

Q:  So, I hear you have a 6 pack?

A:  Haha - I LOVE abs and barre has definitely toned my stomach more than it's ever been, especially after my 10 lb. baby.  athenafit seriously changed my body like I had never seen before.  Eight months later, I began instructing classes and I am totally addicted! 

Q: 4-5 times a week?! That is incredible. What aspect of athenafit captured your attention and resulted in your fierce dedication?

A: Well, I have never been one to attend group exercise classe. I am someone who likes(d) to work out alone. But barre is totally different from anything I have ever done and it truly works every muscle in 50 minutes and tones like no other exercise I have ever done. athenafit has a very friendly, non-intimidating, non-judgmental atmosphere and that is what I love about it. 

Q: What is your favorite athenafit exercise?

A: My favorite part of classes is the thigh thinners. I love the chair position, and it is the hardest in my opinion, and you can feel it every time. 

Q: How do you feel after a full 50 minute athenafit class?

A: Shaky and sore!! Like I said, I try and attend 4-5 classes a week and I STILL get sore every week. 

Q: Well, you obviously very fit, but we all have our guilty pleasures. What is yours?

A: I don't get to watch much TV other than cartoons but when I do, I like to watch The Bachelorette and Dancing with the Stars. I LOVE chocolate and I drink a coke Icee EVERY morning for breakfast. 

"athenafit barre WILL change your body but you have to be dedicated to attending and push your body to its limits in EVERY class!  If you aren’t shaking and your body isn’t hurting, then you aren’t pushing hard enough.  That is why I try to make EVERY class I teach, harder than the last one. You can do it if you put your mind to it!"