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Finding "Me" Time: Staff Spotlight on Morgan B

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Our intern McKayla interviewed upcoming college graduate Morgan B recently.  Check it out...

Q: So Morgan, you are a senior in college correct? How have you learned to manage being both an instructor and full-time student?

A: Yes! As both a student and an instructor I have learned a ton about time management. I want to be the best I can be at everything that I do, and finding balance is key. I've found that going to an athenafit class is really the best way to relieve the stress of school and life. Even though I may be stressing over the next big test coming up, I've found that it's worth it to just take that 50 minutes out of my day to unwind. 

Q: So true.  What is your major and career aspirations and how has athenafit helped you reach your ultimate goal? 

A: My major is Educational Psychology and I plan to attend graduate school for Speech Pathology. There is a lot of pressure put on us women to over-achieve and thinking about my future can be stressful, especially with graduation around the corner. We lose sight of finding quality time for ourselves. But attending and instructing classes at athenafit always puts me in a good mood and reminds me to stay positive. It pushes me to reach my ultimate goal, whether it be during an athenafit class, in school, or in life. 

Q: I completely understand the pressure of graduation! Speaking of over-achieving, don't you have a history in competitive dance and performance?

A: Yes, I have loved being on stage ever since I can remember! I started dancing when I was 2 1/2 and began competitions in jazz, tap, and ballet. In middle school I danced on our competitive dance team, doing pom and hip hop, and traveled to places such as Disney World for competitions. I continued the dance team throughout all four years of high school, placing third in the nation at the national competition, and I was captain my senior year. Since starting college, I have been the performance chairman for my sorority for the past two years.

Q: Wow that's impressive.  You ARE a busy lady.  What drew you to try barre? 

A: I heard about barre classes from one of my friends and she was raving about how great it is.  Barre sounded like something I would really enjoy and I wanted to learn more about it. From just the first class I felt so welcomed and loved by the instructors. You can really feel the passion that the instructors have for barre, which makes you push yourself harder. I fell in love with the high energy aspect of athenafit and could feel the changes happening to my body even after just a few classes. And in every class, I am able to escape and just have "me" time.  

Q: Speaking of your first classes, when did you start barre with athenafit? 

A: I began training in barre during the summer of 2015. I did not have a lot of experience in barre, but I learned a ton through training and attending classes. I had done pilates, yoga, and other exercise classes in the past, but loved what barre had to offer. I went live as an instructor in August.

Q: A quick transition! How does athenafit stand out from different studios/gyms you have visited? 

A: athenafit is different from any other type of gym or workout class I have ever tried. I do not feel lost or forgotten in a sea of people, as in many other exercise classes I have taken, and I love the personal extra instructions, which I do not receive at the gym. I always leave athenafit feeling like I was pushed to reach my personal best.

Q: What is your favorite athenafit exercise to push through? 

A: My favorite athenafit exercises are the thigh thinners! This often proves to be the hardest part of the whole exercise for me personally, but it is also the part that motivates me to become stronger and push myself more. Regardless of how strong I get with every class, I can always find that shaky point!!

Q: How do you feel after an athenafit barre class?

A: I feel great when I leave class!! The high energy of the workout gives me endorphins and leaves me wanting more. I always feel stronger and better about myself when I walk out the door. athenafit has a positive energy that makes each person in the room feel special and beautiful in their own way.

Q: Last and kind of a fun question...what is a guilty pleasure of yours?

A: My guilty pleasure is definitely watching the Bachelor and I get wayyy too into it. During the summer, all of my close friends from home have watch parties together every Monday. And then of course anything involving chocolate...I have a hard time saying no to that!

"Take the time out of your day to do something for YOU!! 50 minutes will make a world of difference and always remember to be barre beautiful!!"