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Human Anatomy, athenafit Style

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Human anatomy is amazing. Through the beautiful ways in which muscles, bones, nerves, arteries, and tissues connect, movement is synchronized, refined, and efficient. Our anatomy conforms to the demands placed on it and adapts to new challenges. Just as the wonderful people who are a part of the athenafit community must adapt and change, so must our bodies! In knowing the primary muscle actions, nerve functions, and anatomical orientations, strategies can be taken to strengthen and heal our bodies with time…and with the support of others at barre.

Sometimes the human body is out of tune. Maybe just a little bit, but there is pain from even the most subtle weakness. Sometimes it isn’t efficient. Nothing major, but at the end of the day, our bodies and minds are fatigued. Sometimes the body tries to fix itself by avoiding movements that are normal and useful. Slight differences in body mechanics then induce compensation patterns that go unnoticed for years. At athenafit there is time spent on the slightest details of human movement and the importance of reducing fatigue through strengthening and toning.

In order to fine tune a body, one must know their body! Musicians spend countless amounts of time tuning instruments before songs are played. The human body is an instrument for living, and it needs tuning and retuning as it changes. Women readily focus on what makes one beautiful on the outside, yet here at athenafit we know there is a need to focus on what makes one able, strong, and confident in movement from the inside too. Through learning more about the human body and its many roles and abilities, it becomes more and more amazing in every aspect…and at the barre!