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Our Own PT Pro: Spotlight on Instructor Kelly

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athenafit intern McKayla sat down and asked instructor Kelly a few questions about her professional background. 

Q: So Kelly you have a academic and professional background in physical therapy, could you tell us a little about that?

A: In high school I was an athletic trainer. I was very interested in injury prevention and rehabilitation for sport-related injuries. I entered college under that major, but in my freshman year one of my sorority sisters was injured and visited a physical therapy office that was looking to hire a student worker. I applied and obtained the job. Falling in love with working with the general public, I abandoned my pursuit of athletic training. I received my masters in physical therapy but I kept my interest in injury prevention. I have enjoyed every professional opportunity that has presented itself to me such as skilled rehab, home health, or acute care. I currently work at an outpatient pediatric clinic in Ridgeland. 

Q: How have you found the things you've learned through the years of physical therapy relate to athenafit barre?

A: Physiology and Biomechanics have proved most helpful to me as I have trained as an instructor for athenafit. Understanding what actions work what muscles and proper alignment of the body are things that I always keep in mind while teaching my classes. 

Q: Do you believe the two marry each other?

A: They FOR SURE marry each other. Personally, barre is a new adventure for my body. Upon moving to Mississippi two summers ago, I was intrigued but the idea of blending ballet, pilates, and yoga. I knew that the three components of barre, if preformed correctly were very beneficial to a strong and lean body. When muscles are strong, they support our movement and prevent us from injuring ourselves. The bonus, to me personally, has been the ability to have a different routine each week and the ability to change the exercise, making it harder or easier. I had a shoulder injury acquired from lifting weights and within four classes at athenafit I had full range back in my shoulder. Barre ended up being the physical therapy I could of asked for. 

Q: How has your knowledge on the human body affected the way you teach classes?

A: When performing an activity, I make sure that we are working the muscle that we are targeting. It is important to me that our clients truly work what they are supposed to be working! I also will watch each person's alignment and gently correct when needed through verbal or tactile cues. 

Q: What is one reminder you find yourself saying the most? 

A: Hmmmmm, probably when performing standing seat exercises, I consistently adjust the pelvis into the position of "hips to the ground". It is so easy to rotate hips up while we are working our seats. 

Q: How has your knowledge on body movement and barre affected your everyday life?

A: As a wife, mom and professional, I struggle for a balance that includes me time. Moms give all day long, willingly, and quickly find their tank at empty. athenafit helps me fill back up the tank and allows me to continue to give. I feel stronger and happier after taking classes. That is why I continue to teach, I enjoy helping other ladies achieve the same results. I am a huge fan of strong, confident women!