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Our Shining Star: Spotlight on Instructor Brittany

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athenafit intern McKayla sat down with instructor Brittany and asked her a few questions....

Q: I hear that you are a singer.  Why don't you start by telling us about the time you spent in Nashville?

A:  Oh yes, I sang before I could speak.  I am drawn to country music, and at the age of 19, I sold my beloved truck and moved to Nashville all by myself to sing and play guitar. It was difficult because, at the time, I was only 19 years old, and ALL the bars were 21 and up. Because of this I played a lot of "open-mic" shows. I only stayed there for one year, however, I would not trade the experience for anything. 

Q:  And your music journey didn't stop there, correct?

A:  After I moved back home, I continued to sing and won several talent shows. I tried out for American Idol and in 2013, I auditioned for the VOICE. I made callbacks, but got cut before the final round. I still sing now at local venues and weddings - singing is a large part of who I am.  

Q: So you are used to being in the spotlight, how has that translated back to barre?

A: Teaching barre gives me that feeling of being on a "stage" and "putting on show"-it allows me to use my talents to perform. And taking barre is so much fun, you push yourself, and after ward (just like coming off stage) you have that adrenaline rush and you have that awesome feeling of "I did it."

Q: How did you get your start at athenafit?

A: Well my good friend Morgan was an instructor at athenafit so I was dying to get into the studio and take one of her classes. My mother-in-law actually gave me a package for a Christmas present! I was able to take an unlimited number of classes for one month which ended in me falling in love and later becoming an instructor. 

Q: And you are married? How does that balance with barre?

A: This June will be 2 years of marriage for me! It's actually perfect, my husband is a Madison fire fighter so he is gone every third night. So, teaching-especially on the nights he is away-makes it easier for. I'm not as lonely, I have my barre sisters!

Q: Besides the family aspect, how has athenafit proven to differ from other gym and studios?

A: It is very clean and cute! The instructors are so sweet and you just can tell that they were sincere with every compliment they give. And it's a great full body workout. 

Q: How do you feel after you have completed the full body workout? And what is your favorite exercise we do in our routine?

A: AAAAAMAZING! You can really feel your body strengthening with each class. I love the thigh thinners! You can really tell you are working those muscles when you see the shaking start. 

Q: Everyone's favorite question, what is your guilty pleasure!

A: I have this weird obsession with following former Bachelorette/Bachelor people on Snap Chat. My husband makes fun of me because I talk about them like I am their best friend and like I am involved in their lives! I'm also a sucker for chocolate, but I recently developed an allergy to it so I have to eat the next best thing...donuts!! 

"My motto now is "Embrace your Beautiful" because all of us are beautiful and we are all masterpieces!"