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Overcoming Weight Loss Plateaus

athenaHEALTHWendy MclemoreComment

After seeing great results in your weight loss, have you recently hit a wall?  Maybe you had lost 10 or even 20 pounds and progress just came to a standstill?  Here are a few suggestions to get going in the right direction again.  
1.    Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Feel proud of what you’ve already accomplished.  We have a tendency to get into our own heads and convince ourselves that we have failed.  And this negativity can backfire, causing us to slow down our momentum or just quit all together.  Reflect on your hard work and keep those positive thoughts flowing.  
2.    Try to avoid processed foods.  Clean eating can reset your weight loss.  Circle the perimeter of the grocery store, where the fresh produce and lean proteins hang out, and stay further away from those boxes and cans.  Eating whole foods can have a dramatic impact on our weight loss.  
3.    Get creative with your foods.  Are you in a rut, eating the same things every day?  For instance, do you eat a protein bar every morning and a smoothie for every lunch?  Your body can get used to repeat foods and maybe your metabolism has slowed down.  Mix it up and try cutting back on carbs or adding more lean proteins and veges.  A serving of fruit is about 60 to 90 calories, and a serving of vegetables is about 25 calories if you steam or roast on the lite side.   Find a few new healthy recipes to substitute for a bit.  
4.    Drink more water.  Ugh – we always say that.  But this concept holds such merit.
5.    Be honest about how much you are eating.  We tend to round down in our caloric intake. Maybe those tiny little extra calories in foods like salad dressings, dips for our chicken, and butter are sneaking their way into our foods and we are ignoring them.  When we really look into the true calories of what we bite each day, we may be surprised.  
6.    Take fewer breaks during your workout.  Sink a bit lower in your barre class during your thigh exercise, getting into that tremble zone, or hold that plank just a few seconds longer.  Be the first to pop into the exercise, and be the last to drop down.  The added intensity can burn tremendous calories.