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Client Spotlight: Regina

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Joined by her friends, Regina started attending athenafit barre classes in 2015. Her dedication and hard work has resulted in a weight loss journey that inspires everyone she comes into contact with....

Q: Tell us about how athenafit barre has helped you in your healthy lifestyle journey.  

A:  Barre has taught me strength and toning in an unconventional way. It’s taught me everything doesn’t have to be heavy lifting or running. It has helped me tone my core muscles in ways I had not tried before.

Q: What has your weight loss journey been like?

A:  My weight loss journey started about five years ago when I first found a gym flyer on my car at Walmart. It was then I said, "well it’s just $10 so I’ll think about it and start later." Later came in October of 2010. I started by simply joining the gym. The gym led me to a trainer, that I have been with ever since, and I’ve just continued to find activities to keep me active. In 2015, I attended my first athenafit class, and I fell in love with barre from the first sore pain, not really haha, but I knew it was low impact yet effective. It added an element to my new healthy lifestyle I couldn’t live without. With my barre classes, my healthy eating, and my trainer by my side, I have lost 110+ pounds and I’m not done yet. I crave a healthy lifestyle not a specific weight.

Q: How does barre make you feel?

A: Barre makes me tired, as with any workout, but I feel accomplished after I’m done...especially when I complete a 6 a.m. class. I feel excited, all kind of endorphins running around in my body!

Q: Speaking of 6 a.m.'s how on earth do you stay so motivated and take so many early morning athenafit barre classes?

A:  I believe everyone finds time for what they want. I want time for my barre class and if I have to find the time even if it’s early in the morning, I will do that. We all have the same 24 hours, it’s how we use them. 6 a.m. works for me because I can do it before my day begins and it helps my attitude. It just makes me feel good.

Q: Is there anything you would want to say to someone who is about the venture onto a journey similar to yours?

A:  Make time for it! Find what works and commit, it doesn’t happen over night or even in five nights. If you can commit to home workouts do it, if you need to be social, find a group. But mostly importantly surround yourself with like-minded people, and you can and will motivate each other, just like we do at athenafit.