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School, and Studies, and Stress. Oh my! Spotlight on Instructor Shelby

athenaLIFEMcKayla DenningComment

Growing up, Shelby was very active. She played many sports, but her favorite was gymnastics. Her love for tumbling and her happy spirit quickly led her to cheerleading. She ended up competing in cheer for many years. However, having tommy john surgery, a reconstructive elbow surgery, put an immediate halt on her cheerleading career.  Shelby had trouble finding a workout routine that motivated her to be continuous and driven in rehabbing and rebuilding her body. After two years of college, she decided it was time to make a change. athenafit marked the beginning of that change for Shelby. She finally found a workout that fit her busy schedule and provided her with a fun atmosphere to sweat out her weekly stresses.

Many of her weekly stresses come from her time spent as a student at Mississippi State. Shelby is a senior kinesiology major hoping to one day be an occupational therapist. Kinesiology majors have a grueling class load involving biology, anatomy, physiology, and other specialist type classes. With the heavy workload accompanying her classes, Shelby was nervous about balancing both school and work. However, her studies and barre time have seemed to marry perfectly. She has found a passion in encouraging other people to live a healthy life and helping them to become the best version of themselves. Fortunately, she gets to do that in her studies and in her work place, making the balance between the two easy and rewarding to manage.

Entering into her senior year, Shelby will continue to take academic classes while simultaneously teaching and taking athenafit barre classes. She has found that balancing the two has just become a part of her daily routine. Barre has become an escape from her school studies and other responsibilities. She claims that it is the perfect 50-minute vacation from the stresses that accompany a college student’s everyday reality.

“Everyone needs a break from the world, and barre has become my break.”