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Seeing Double: Spotlight on Instructor Tracy

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athenafit intern sat down with instructor Tracy Miller and asked her a few questions...

Q: So you are a barre mom correct?

A: Yes! I have twins, one boy and one girl.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a mother of twins?

A: Double the love and hugs! The moment I became a twin mom my life changed forever, for the better. It's amazing to see two babies growing at the same time, and watch their different personalities develop. They each have a built in best friend and there's nothing more fascinating than seeing them interact. They are quite entertaining.

Q: How do you balance teaching/taking barre classes alongside of being  a mother?

A: Sometimes it's hard to distinguish "mom" time from kid time, but I'm a much better parent if I carve out time for myself. Athenafit has been a wonderful outlet for me as a client and an instructor. My family benefits from a little time invested in myself.

Q: When did your athenafit journey begin?

A: Well I began taking classes in the fall of 2013 and transitioned into an instructor in 2014. 

Q: How does athenafit stand out from the other gyms/studios you have visited?

A: Its high energy but low-impact. Our classes incorporate weights and resistance training for a total body workout at any age. athenafit is also a place you can enjoy yourself, Brooke Chandler, another Jackson instructor, and I have been close since college and it is great to be a be able to work out with friends!

Q: What is your personal favorite athenafit exercise?

A: Definitely, the "S-Sit". It's a love/hate relationship. It is by no means easy, but it will bring results. 

Q: How do you feel after an athenafit barre class?

A; One word. Strong. There is nothing like this workout. It hits every muscle in a safe but challenging way that changes your whole body- particularly the core. 

Q: Lastly, what is your guilty pleasure?

A: I absolutely love watching "The Real Housewives of..." all of them!