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Barre At the Office: Staff Spotlight Carley

athenaLIFEMcKayla DenningComment

Carley began her athenafit journey over a year ago in a pop-up class at her day job and has never looked back.  Intern McKayla sat down with Carley and asked her a few questions...

Q: So Carley, what initially drew you to try an athenafit barre class?

A: The promise of long and lean muscles! I've never liked the idea of bulking up and I jumped at the opportunity to try barre at Southern Farm Bureau when we brought athenafit in for some pop-up classes!

Q: So you also work at Southern Farm Bureau?

A: Yes! Being an instructor at athenafit flows right over into my career. At Southern Farm Bureau I work in the corporate communication department as well as our wellness area. We have a robust wellness program, so encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle is my job, day in and day out. 

Q: Wow, that is great! How does a pop-up class work at your office?  

A:  We have a room in the basement and we use chairs instead of a barre.  Our employees live busy lives, and having the ability to walk downstairs and workout during the day is amazing.  I love instructing that class.

Q:  And you instruct barre at the Ridgeland studio also, where a bit of cardio has been infused into our classes.  How do you feel about the new cardio combinations?

A: The cardio is so much fun and it really gets my adrenaline pumping early in the class as both the instructor and a client. I love seeing our clients push through the cardio and better themselves with each class they attend. 

Q: Have you noticed a personal change after completing a few of the barre+cardio classes?

A: Absolutely!! Especially in my seat. 

Q: What is your favorite barre+cardio exercise?

A: That is a tough one because they are all so fun and challenging. But if I had to pick, I would probably say IGNITE! I can really feel my seat and body changing after every class. IGNITE really digs deep into your seat and challenges me with every movement. 

Q: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about trying an athenafit barre class?

A: "JUST DO IT!" Not to be cliche', but what's the hurt in trying? I bet you will end up loving it just as much as we do. 

Q: If you had to describe athenafit in five words or less how would you do it?

A: Invigorating, FUN, energizing, low-intimidation, and challenging!!