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What do we mean by "Take it at your Pace"?

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I was chatting with a client after class the other day and she asked if her mother, who was visiting from out of town, could come try a barre class.  As a dedicated client herself, she knows the intensity we bring to every class, and as a physical therapist, she understands the depth to which our exercises push every muscle to shake and burn.

An athenafit mantra is, “Take it at your pace.”   We are a workout for everyone, and we don’t believe in stereotypes. Does this mean our workout is easy?  Not in the least.  We are one of the most challenging workouts you can experience, firing and fatiguing the muscles to shake and strengthen, and then stretching those muscles to lengthen. We believe in the empowerment of each person, allowing self-adjustments and permission to take it up or down a notch.   

Our client has seen her own body change quickly and has fallen in love with our barre classes.  Together, she and I reviewed a few questions about her mother:

How old is your mom?  68! 
athenafit:  Age is not a factor unless you have health issues, brittle bones, injuries, or have trouble getting onto the floor.  We have several 68+ year-old members who have come to a hundred or more classes.   

Does she work out now?  Her mother does some core strengthening exercises.  
athenafit:  This is not necessarily a factor, but the older we get, the harder it is on our body to launch a workout regimen.  We have numerous clients who tell us they hated exercise until they discovered a love for our barre classes. No matter the workout background, it is not recommended to jump into an intense class without taking it slowly to start.  

Does she have any health issues, obesity, injuries or surgeries that would need doctor permission?  She has minor low back issues that don’t require a doctor’s permission to exercise.   
athenafit: Many of us have some kind of minor injury or pain, whether it is a wrist, knee, shoulder, or back.  Knowing when to self-adjust is important. 

Through this fun conversation about her mother, we  determined that her mom is a good candidate for our classes! A few key notes to share with her mom include: take it at her own pace, give herself permission to take it down a notch, take lots of breaks her first couple of classes, and lose the props (extra bands and ball) if needed.  Also, feel free to ask lots of questions, make self-adjustments for injuries and if something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  We tell this to all of our clients.  

Is our exercise one of the most challenging she will ever do? Yes.  Our exercise is one of the fastest ways to change the body.  Will she be pushed too far to keep up with others in the class?  Absolutely not.  Our exercises are geared for beginners and the most advanced client who love a challenge, and each class can be taken to a different level. So remember, take it at your pace and we’ll support you every step of the way!