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Walking in Memphis: Spotlight on Instructor Holly

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athenafit intern McKayla sat down with Starkville instructor Holly and asked her a few questions...

Q: So Holly, you grew up in Tennessee correct? 

A:  Yes, I grew up in Collierville, a little town outside of Memphis. Living in Collierville I honestly had the best of both worlds. I have the small town feel in Collierville but also a taste of the big city life which is only a 30 minute car ride away. 

Q: What was your favorite part of being raised in this region? 

A: In Collierville there is the sweetest little square that has been around since pre-civil war times. As I grew up and even to this day I have fond memories of dancing by the gazebo while listening to live bands, eating at Dyer's Cafe, grabbing coffee from Square Beans, and exploring the little shops on the Square. I have started exploring more of the downtown areas of Memphis as I've grown older and I absolutely love it. Between the Memphis bridge lit up at night, the excitement of Beale Street, cheering on the Grizzlies, and Saint Jude in the heart of the city, Memphis had something to offer for all ages. 

Q: With all that Memphis has to offer, why did you decide to go out of state for school and attend Mississippi State University?

A: Well when it came time for college I needed something new. I did not want to spend my college years in the only town I had ever known. Even though I loved the Memphis area, I decided I needed to branch out, the Memphis part of my story needed to be closed for awhile and I needed to start writing a new one in a new city. Turns out that chapter had two parts. The first took place at University of Arkansas and the second took place here at State. It's funny how life works out. 

Q: Being a student at State, how have you managed to keep up with both school and barre?

A: Balancing school, two jobs, and a social life can be challenging at times for sure but I have kind of adapted my lifestyle to make it work. I have to plan ahead and be sure to schedule everything out. I am by nature a spontaneous person, however these days my planner is my life savior. Working at athenafit has also proven to be a stress reliever from the day to day pressures of being a college student. 

Q: What sets athenafit apart from any other workout studios or gyms you have been to in the past?

A: athenafit is different because it is so welcoming. No one is judgmental and everyone likes to come in and have a good time. Usually, during workouts you see people so focused that they look mad or so tired they want it over with but at athenafit you see everyone smiling and confident while they work off that ice cream cone from the night before. 

Q: Well you mentioned it, so I am guessing ice cream is your guilty pleasure?

A: Oh yeah, I eat way way way too much ice cream! The amount of good food in Memphis is actually insane. You can not go to Memphis without going to Jerry's Sno Cones. I would try and explain how good it is but words will not do it justice!