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Power in Numbers - Your Barre Fitness Community

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Some of us shy away from sports. Maybe some of us never had a competitive spirit, and even though we enjoy working out, we are not fond of coaches screaming at us, making us want to throw in the towel. Some of us think we should go at it alone, spending endless hours on a treadmill, often feeling lonesome in our pursuits. Have you ever felt this way?  We may enjoy the concept of exercise but struggle to find our niche. Hello barre class! Here are three reasons that joining a barre fitness community may be your best exercise strategy:

It gets you out of your head. Constantly searching for the "right" workout? Never hitting all of your fitness goals? Too hard on yourself as you work out alone? If you said yes to most of these, then you may need a barre fitness community. Barre gives its members workouts that hit every part of the body to tone and perform to its limit, as well as letting everyone customize as individuals.  As your instructor keeps you moving and encourages you, the 50 minutes go by quickly, allowing little time to think about stress or even what the next workout move may be. And your barre friends keep you connected, minimizing your worry about the little things like calories.  

You can join your squad.  Barre fitness communities not only provide rockin’ workouts to get you to your fitness goals, they also provide you with a tribe of various people cheering each other on. When your legs are shaking and you want to give up, your crew is there to encourage you to dig deep, as well as to reassure you when you need a break.  Talk about a squad!

It helps you to stay motivated and happy.  The best feeling in the world is walking into a room where everyone smiles at you and says your name. That’s what a fitness community is all about. It’s about those people you don’t see anywhere else, and who always make your day brighter.  Your barre community is there to swap exercise tips and to support and motivate you. Having a fitness community can make your workouts much more fun and keep you energized throughout your class.