athenafit barre studio

Jessica, Instructor

Jessica has danced and cheered for most of her life. She competed and performed regionally and nationally in cheer and dance all through her early childhood, high school, and college, where she was captain of the Pom Squad at Mississippi State University for her senior year. Through these experiences, she developed a talent for leadership and coaching.

Jessica loves fitness, and when athenafit began to teach pop-up barre classes at her business late 2015, she became an enthusiast, attending almost every class on site. She found that barre class infused her dance background into exercise, and her love for the technique grew quickly. She brings amazing form to her classes, and her dancer skills are apparent as she instructs.  

She is found during the day in the Claims Department at Southern Farm Bureau, a role she loves. Her weekends are fun-filled, whether she is hanging with friends or going to MSU ballgames with her husband. 

Jessica has an encouraging smile that will get you through any 8 second countdown.