athenafit barre studio

Kaylee, Instructor

Kaylee came to Starkville’s very first class and was drawn to athenafit barre immediately.  She had heard about barre exercise from her hometown friends in Memphis and couldn’t wait to try a class herself. She fell in love with how quickly her legs trimmed, her seat sculpted, and her arms toned. 

Nine dedicated months later, Kaylee decided to train as a certified athenafit barre instructor.  She loves including variety in each of her workouts workout. Whether its the music or the movements, she loves to shake it up. As an instructor, she can use her past cheerleading experience to encourage every client to sink a little lower and embrace the shake. 

Kaylee loves children dearly.  She and her husband are amazing parents of two little ones, and as her family continues to grow she will continue on her barre path to stay strong and fit for all that life sends her way.  

With her nurturing and kind spirit, Kaylee makes each and every client feel apart of the athenafit family.