athenafit barre studio

Morgan S, Senior Level Instructor

Morgan cheered from before she can remember through college. Her dance background led her to coach dance camps in summers, but she does not consider herself a ballerina.  When a friend told her about barre classes, she was skeptical because she never enjoyed traditional group exercises classes, being more of an individual in her personal workout regimens.

Morgan was hooked on athenafit barre from her very first class. Her body transformed like she had never seen.  She had always been fit, but after the birth of her son, she started barre classes and bounced back in record time, more toned and lean than she had ever experienced in her life.  Now, she takes lunch breaks from her accounting job for her personal barre workout, and instructs classes before and after her day job.  

If you want a body-changing workout, Morgan brings it to the barre in every class.