athenafit barre studio

Sara B, Physical Therapy Student, Minnesota

Sara is from Madison, Mississippi and walked into athenafit barre studio the first week of it's opening in August, 2013.  With her beautiful spirit and great training in how the body moves, she became an integral part of the athenafit mission from that very moment. She taught barre classes for a year and was accepted into a doctoral physical therapy program in Minnesota.  

Sara often compares her barre training to her physical therapy training, where tiny isolated movements focus on building strong muscle fibers that prevent or manage injuries.  And she contributes her ideas and learning to our athena blog. Sara continues to be an integral part of athenafit. 

Sara holds a bachelor of science in Marketing and a Masters in Business Administration from Ole Miss.  She then followed her passion with body movement and anatomy, getting accepted into one of the top programs in the country.  

She and Mumford, her little stray pup from Belhaven, live in urban southeastern Minnesota.  Watch for her on her home visits.