athenafit barre studio

Wendy, CEO, Master Trainer, Choreographer

Wendy holds an Masters of Business Administration from Mississippi College and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi. She has an extensive background in dance and fitness since the age of 7 and has a long career in promoting women's health and wellness.  After decades of high-intensity aerobics and hip-hop, she began to feel the impact on her joints. In 2011, she was introduced to the methodology of barre classes, and fell in love with the idea of incorporating all her prior dance background and proper body alignment with low impact movements.   

Her passion for barre has inspired her to train in two dozen cities throughout the US from New York to New Orleans, from Minnesotta to Dallas, learning barre technique from the traditional to cardio infused to the ballet inspired.  She is a barre addict and connects to how a well-developed barre class matches needs of the modern day client. There are amazing new programs developing all across the nation and as she travels, she never loses sight of talent and entrepreneurship within her home state of Mississippi.  

Wendy has always believed in the power of talented women to invent, lead, and inspire others, and when she launched athenafit in 2013, she surrounded herself with a team of experts in business consulting, physical therapy, exercise science, dance choreography, fitness, and performance art.  athenafit is not about one person.  The corporation is blessed with a wealth of talent behind the scenes and continues to expand quickly, not only locally, but even beyond as clients visit from all across the nation.  

Prior to launching athenafit, she spent ten years as Executive Director of Weight Watchers in MS, AL and the FL Panhandle and knows not only how to transform bodies, but also how to motivate and inspire people of all ages to believe in themselves. 

Wendy has attended over 700 barre classes to date and continues to bring the best barre possible to athenafit clients.